At St Paul's our varied parish ministries are our witness to Christ Incarnate and an extension of our worship. Our parish ministries are inclusive and welcoming, as we seek to share God's love with others. As a parish we have committed 10% of our annual income to the support of the following activities, for as God has blessed us so we seek to be a blessing to others.


When: Mondays 9.30am-11am   /   Where: Parish Small Hall can be found at the back of the main hall.

A free playgroup is run every Monday during School Terms from 9.30 – 11 am in the Small Hall. Activities are for babies to pre-schoolers. Parents, grandparents and carers are encouraged to participate. Play clothes suitable for painting and pasting should be worn. Please bring a piece of fruit to share at morning tea and a drink for your child.

All playgroup leaders are Safe Ministry accredited in accordance with the state laws of NSW and the requirements of the Sydney Anglican Diocese.

Children's Ministry

When: Sundays 9.30am   /   Where: At the back of the Church near the Font

Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me’. In faithfulness to our Lord’s invitation the parish runs a Children's Church. Children meet at the back of the church near the font at 9.30am.
Resources used include Workbook for Kid's Church written and distributed by The Anglican Parish of Mossman/Port Douglas, Qld.
All Children's Church leaders are Safe Ministry accredited in accordance with the state laws of NSW and the requirements of the Sydney Anglican Diocese.
Materials are placed on the children's table for their use during the service. Parents are welcome to engage their children in these activities which are directly related to the days lectionary readings.

Young Adults and the young at heart

When: Friday evening   /   Where: Various locations, including The Rectory

An eclectic mix of young adults, university students, professionals and young families meet periodically for fellowship. Activities like shared meals and discussions help members to deepen their friendships and support each other to grow on their journeys of faith.
One of the most popular nights is the Board Games night and another is the trip to the Royal National Park for a bit of "Whale Watching" in season.

Parish Pantry

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.30am and 11.30am,and Wednesdays 1.30-2.30pm   /   Where: Parish Office

The parish pantry gives away items of non-perishable foods. These are made available for those in need. Items such packaged meals and soups, packets of cereals and fruit drinks. Long life milk, liquid breakfasts and deserts such as rice cream and fruit and jelly in a cup are most suitable. Small tins/jars of coffee are always gratefully received.
Personal Hygene items such as tissues, deodorants, safety razors and shampoo and conditioner are also available
Donations to keep the pantry well stocked are always appreciated.

Bus Trips

When: Week Days   /   Where: Different locations each time

Visits to various churches in the greater Sydney area allows parishioners to learn something about other churches and their histories and to enjoy a good day out. Occassionally other places of worship are also visited.

Nepal Project - Children born HIV+ at the New Life Centre

The parish supports the New Life Centre in Nepal by helping to provide food for children born HIV positive. The clinic provides medical and dietary care for these children so as to improve their health and quality of life. Cash donations are sought for this project.

Rising Nepal

For the victums of the earthquakes April 2015

Anglican Board of Mission

The parish supports the mission of the wider church in Australia and overseas through the Anglican Board of Mission. We are fortunate to have Robert McLean, ABM's Church to Partnerships Coordinator worshipping with us at St Paul's. If you would like to learn more about the work of ABM please seek Robert out and talk with him. Parishioners are asked to save their used stamps and place them in the box at the back of the church. This is a practical way that we can help raise funds for ABM. Envelopes for donations are available during Lent and before Christmas.

Jerusalem - St Matthew's

St Paul's was introduced to St Latthew's , Zababdeh through ABM. Later Robert McLean and the Rector, Fr James Collins visited their parish and were very impressed with all that they witnessed. There is a blod about the church in section for "Other Newsletters"

Chalmers Road Special School

Chalmers Rd, Special School, located in Strathfield, is a government run K–12 school for children with profound intellectual and behavioural problems. Most of these children and their families live in and around our local area. They require very specialised training and education with specialist equipment, most of which is very expensive. Eg a specialist walking frame for one child can start at $8000 and is often much dearer, wheel chairs commonly start at $15,000. Few families can afford such equipment. Many of the students are autistic. There is continual need for weighted blankets and items of clothing. These are a simple calming measure for children who can often become very agitated. We can make these at a very low cost. If you would like to know more about Chalmers Road you might like to speak to Rosemary King

Bishop of the Northern Territory, The Rt Rev Dr Greg Anderson

Katherine, NT is in the Roper River Region
This project aims to assist with the leadership programs for Indigenous clergy from the Roper River Region. In order to facilitate training and outreach to the clergy teams
Nungalinya College trains indigenous peoples for a variety of ministries in the Anglican Church.
Donations towards the students and their training programs are forwarded on to the College.
St Paul's has pledged $5000 p.a. to go to the Bishop of the Northern Territory to be distributed at his discretion.

Please pray for:
* the students and for the Deans.
* for new staff commencing this year. May they fit in well to the staff team
* the College and remote communities
* the new Resource Centre

Blankets and towels for Exodus

When: Winter   /   Where: Ashfield

Each winter the parish collects blankets and towels for those who are need.They are distributed through the Exodus Foundation at Ashfield, which is a welfare organisation run by the Uniting Church providing for the homeless and needy.

Life Jacket

When: Seasonal   /   Where: Wolloomooloo

Depending on the time of year and the need at that time, jackets / blankets / socks / jocks / torches are collected to distribute to the people living rough who come to the exodus van in Wolloomooloo for a meal at night.
Each visit is the result of targetting a particular need.