St Paul’s parish is blessed with buildings of heritage value and historical significance. These include the beautiful gothic revival church of St Paul, the Parish Rectory, Blacket House at 203 Burwood Road and the Parish Halls. However, the task of maintaining the buildings and ensuring the conservation of heritage structures is significant and costly.

We were fortunate to have been awarded a Heritage Grant for the refurbishment of the inside of the church. Work included cleaning and repainting the church ceiling in its orginal colour scheme, cleaning the windows, and interior sandstone walls with new mortar to replace old cement, the wooden beams repaired as well as installing lighting sympathetic to the style of the building. The carpet was removed to reveal flagstones which evoke the atmosphere of an ancient English parish church. The flagstones have now been cleaned and the exterior stone work has been repaired and repointed where necessary.

On 12th June 2016, St Paul’s was re-opened with a special Eucharist of blessing and thanksgiving after extensive restoration. Services were held in the hall while the interior of the church became a virtual scaffold city. The end result was what must now be one of the most beautiful parish churches in Australia and the large gathering on 12th June included both state and federal members of parliament, the mayor and special episcopal guest, the Right Reverend Richard Hurford, former bishop of Bathurst.

St Paul's Anglican Church on Burwood Road was designed by colonial architect Edmund Blacket and built in 1871. It is heritage-listed in the NSW State Heritage Register and in the Register of the National Estate.

We are maintaining this beautiful precinct to the glory of God and so future generations can worship God in these magnificent buildings and to reach out into the community with God's love.

Parish Hall

Considerable maintenance has been carried out on the church hall. The kitchen and toilets have been renovated and the ceiling painted. New lights in the hall have been installed thanks to the generous donation of a parishioner. In 2018 the loft was enclosed and painted so that it could become a more useable space. This was made possible by a State grant which underwrote the project. It was blessed on 8 December 2018 and named the "Upper Room".

In April 2020 the Upper Room became the dedicated choir room for the St Paul's Choir. The project included the relocation of the choir music library and the configuring of the space as a rehearsal room. Photos of the choir at different times in the Parish's history have now been relocated here. This project was made possible through the generosity of a number of parishioners.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the hall, the Parish Council commissioned a mosaic art work and notice board for the foyer. The mosaic work was a parish project, with classes to teach parishioners the art of producing mosaics. In preparation for the 150th anniversary of St Paul’s in 2021 another mosaic art work is under constrction for the foyer of the Bell Tower. Suzanna Mills has designed and supervised both these projects.

The room under the stage has been repainted and shelving installed to store the supplies of food for the Parish Pantry and for Life Jacket. The toys for the Play Group are also stored here.

The Small Hall has been complettely repainted and a new, modern kitchen installed. This is a multi purpose room used by Play group and the Community Choir and is available for hire.

Donations and Bequests

Over the years the parish has benefitted from the generosity of parishioners, not only when they have been active members of the parish, but also at the time of their death. Parishioners are invited to remember the parish in their wills by making a bequest as a thank offering to God and to ensure that generations to come will enjoy worship and fellowship in well maintained buildings.

Those wishing to make a bequest are invited to do so using these or a similar form of words: "I bequeath the sum of $............ to the Rector and Wardens of the Anglican Parish of St Paul, Burwood, to be used at their absolute discretion for the charitable purposes of the parish."